Prof. dr. ir. Joris Van Acker

Prof. Joris Van Acker is Head of the Laboratory of Wood Technology (Woodlab) of the Department of Forest and Water Management, situated at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. A specialist in wood anatomy, wood protection and modification as well as in physical and mechanical testing. Currently, among others he works on wood technology of lesser-used timber species, on innovations in wooden buildings, on development of price competitive flax based performs for high-quality composites, and on extending the lifetime of wooden constructions, by applying the environmental friendly silicon-based water repellents.

He received a degree in forestry and wood technology designated as bio-science engineer and a Ph.D. at Ghent University mainly focusing on treatability and durability of plywood. Now, he is a professor at a university active in research, teaching and services.

Prof. Joris Van Acker is involved in several COST Actions, InnovaWood, European Conference on Wood Modification (ECWM), the International Poplar Commission (IPC) and working group of CEN TC 38 European Committee for Standarization. Recently, he became the new President of the International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRGWP) which is the leading global organization for the dissemination of scientific information on wood protection products.

Prof. Joris Van Acker has written over 120 articles dealing with various aspects of forestry, timber constructions, chemical wood modification and its efficacy and ecotoxicology, wood coatings performance as well as biodegradation of wood and wood-based products.