Organisers 2015

Wood Technology Institute

is the only scientific-research institution in Poland which deals in a comprehensive manner with theoretical and practical issues of wood processing, its application and creation of new composites based on wood.

The Institute’s mission is to conduct research aimed at production of modern materials and improvement of production technologies and processing techniques, which leads to harmonious and sustainable development of the wood industry and to achievement of high international competitiveness of the Polish wood sector.

Through implementation of research results in the form of innovative, energy-saving and hygienic materials using both wood raw material and wood waste, which help to improve the quality of life, have positive influence on the environment and health, and increase the share of renewable energy carriers in the national energy balance, the Institute strives to create modern wood sector which meets the requirements of the 21st century society. 

The State Forests

is the largest institution in the European Union that manages the national forests. It is a steward of almost one third of the area of Poland.

More than 90% of timber consumed by the Polish industry and locals comes from the State Forests. In order to meet the growing demand for this raw material, the foresters increase timber harvesting: since 1990 it has increased more than twice – up to over 35 million m3. Timber harvesting volume is determined in the forest management plan, which is drafted for every forest district for 10 years and approved by the Minister of the Environment. By implementing this plan the State Forests manage the forest in a way that ensures its sustainability and biological reproduction potential.

The foresters in their work use the newest achievements of science and technology. The State Forests put to use state-of-the-art forest equipment, measuring and monitoring devices, and other working tools, which ensure safety, speed and effectiveness of work. The great importance is assigned to computer tools.

The State Forests also ensures that the forest management is conducted in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, taking into account all the functions of the forests, which is proven by inter alia international certificates held by the regional directorates of the State Forests.

The foresters care about the forest biodiversity, protecting it from many dangers - natural disasters, insect plagues, tree diseases, fires, pollution, and from the effects of poaching and vandalism