WOOD – SCIENCE – ECONOMY is an international scientific conference organized periodically by the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Poznań Institute of Technology, inviting various institutions to cooperation.

Both in Poland and abroad scientific conferences have so far been organized separately by the scientists in the field of forestry and those in the field of wood industry. However, the issues regarding forestry and wood management are so complex that they require multidisciplinary approach and new, innovative technological and organizational solutions. In the modern world fast exchange of the latest knowledge from the perspective of the entire wood chain is necessary.


The conference goal is to present the latest research findings in wood science, forestry and in the related fields, with particular emphasis placed on research with great implementation potential. The exchange of knowledge and experience in the contemporary challenges of wood-based industries among international specialists is the key to indicate research directions with the greatest potential for implementation and will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the forest-based sector in the international arena.


The conference encompasses the following topics:

  • Augmentation of wood resources and their efficient use
  • Alternative lignocellulosic raw materials
  • Innovation in the forestry and wood sector
  • New technologies, nanomaterials, biocomposites
  • Biobinders
  • Use of wood in the power industry
  • Wood market; circular bioeconomy, industry 4.0
  • Environmental aspects of the forestry and wood sector; LCA
  • Recycling
  • Furniture industry
  • Sawmilling
  • Other wood-based industries.

Subsequent editions of the conference may differ in their detailed thematic scope.

The conference is addressed to the representatives of science and economic practice in the field of forestry, wood industry, and neighbouring fields.

Conference language – English.